Did you get something like this?
Voter Informatin Guide 2008 Front

This phony information guide is put out by a political organization called Larry Levine & Associates in Sherman Oaks. These voter information guides endorse the candidates and propositions that pay Larry Levine & Associates to publish the "guide." On the Levine & Associates website they brag about how 80% of the people they push in their Voter Information Guide get elected. They provide these "guides" for democrats and indepdendents.

The 2006 Voter Information Guide has a picture of Diane Feinstein on it, and yet urged no on prop 87, something which Senator Feinstein supported. More articles on this phony guide can be found at SignOnSanDiego.com The Almanac. If you want to find out more, just search Google for "Voter Information Guide for Democrats."

This organization is headed by Larry Levine, father of California State Assembly Member Lloyd Levine (who was voted out of office in 2008). If you hate this kind of thing and want to complain, or want them to take you off of their mailing list, contact them at:

Larry Levine & Associates
13701 Riverside Drive, Suite 604
Sherman Oaks, CA 91316

Phone: 818.906.8747
Fax: 818.906.8079

email: larrylevine@earthlink.net
website: http://www.levineandassociates.com/voter-info-guide.php

(Don't mistake him for this Larry Levine, and ex-con who helps Wall Streeters make the best of their prison sentences)

Better yet, call the California Fair Political Practices Commission at 866.275.3772 to complain about this and ask them to investigate it. Even better, file a prohibitory order (Wikipedia description of this form here) with the US Postal Service. This form will cause them to get a letter from the Postal Service stating that if they send you any further mail of any kind, they risk fines and prosecution. The next time you receive something from them after filing the prohibitory order, you just send it to the Postal Service and let them do the rest. If you aren't aware, it is illegal for anyone to continue to send you unsolicited mail once you have asked them to stop. Imagine if 1,000 people did this!

Here is some interesting dirt on this organization: From January thru October 2005, Voter Information Guide collected over $500,000 in contributions. Much of the contributions came from the candidates that this "guide" supports. Larry Levine & Associates has been paid almost $65,000 of this money! This guy is getting paid by these candidates to push them on you! Who knows if he even agrees with their political philosophies. I wonder how much of this money goes to his son's campains?

You are getting political solicitations like this because you are registered to vote. This particular organization sends these to all registered Democrats and Independents.

Here is my solution to stop getting ANY political solicitations. First: never, ever, ever register as an Independent. Both parties think they can swing independent voters their way. You will get 10 times as much political junk mail as an Independent than as a Republican or Democrat. Second: after every election, unregister to vote, then, re-register just before the deadline for the next election (usually two weeks). Didn't know you could do this? You can. Contact your county registrar of voters and ask for a voter unregistration form. It will look something like this:

This method works like a charm. Every time I have done this the number of political mailings I have gotten for the next election cycle has gone to zero. For Santa Barbara County, you can find the unregistration form here. If you have any comments, suggestions, or more dirt on these jokers, please email me at:

For more information on how to stop direct mail, please visit www.nodirectmail.org.

(Updated 3/09)